Ardorshield bulletproof* glass
FOR places of worship

welcome to armitek: Bulletproof Glass for elevating security for places of worship with ardorshield

Bulletproof Glass for Places of Worship – At Armitek, we understand the importance of creating safe and secure environments for places of worship. Our commitment to protecting communities has led us to introduce ArdorShield Bulletproof* Glass for places of worship — a groundbreaking solution designed to fortify your sacred spaces

Glass is a Weak Point of Entry and Potential Risk for Many Places of Worship

unparalleled security, unmatched peace for places of worship

The ardorshield advantage:

1. Innovative Technology

ArdorShield incorporates cutting-edge ballistic glass technology to provide unparalleled protection against potential threats. Our bulletproof glass is engineered to withstand various ballistic impacts, ensuring the safety of worshippers and religious leaders alike.

2. Optical Clarity

Experience crystal-clear visibility without compromising security. ArdorShield Bulletproof Glass maintains optical clarity, allowing the natural beauty of your place of worship to shine through while ensuring a secure environment.

3. Custom Solutions

We understand that every place of worship is unique. That’s why ArdorShield offers customizable solutions tailored to meet your specific security needs. From windows and doors to partitions and entryways, we work with you to design a comprehensive security plan.

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Armitek Cares About the Safety and Security of All Places of Worship and the People Who Are There

a partnership in protection

At Armitek, we believe in building lasting partnerships with our clients. When you choose ArdorShield Bulletproof* Glass, you’re not just investing in a product — you’re investing in the safety and well-being of your community. Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through the entire process, from initial consultation to installation and beyond.

Why choose ardorshield Bulletproof* Glass for places of worship?

Proven Performance

Backed by rigourous testing and real-world scenarios, ArdorShield Bulletproof Glass for places of worship has demonstrated exceptional performance in protection.

Peace of Mind
Create a secure environment where worshippers can focus on their spiritual journey without worry, knowing that ArdorShield is safeguarding their sacred space.

Community Support

Armitek is more than a security provider; we’re a partner in your community’s safety. Our team is committed to supporting you with bulletproof glass for your places of worship every step of the way. 

Applicable UL 752 - Levels of Protection

Benefits of Armitek Armorshield Architectural Ballistic Glass

Common Applications

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