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Powerful, Affordable Protection with Advanced Ballistic Glass, Security Film, and More

In an unpredictable world marred by violence, theft, vandalism, and more, safeguard what matters most! Top protection from burglars, break-ins, shootings, riots, earthquakes, weather, storms….

Take action from intrusions before it’s too late with the highest quality, affordable, bulletproof* glass, window security film, and security solutions for businesses, schools, residences, vehicles and more. Now affordable and available to everyone!

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Security Film

glass is your weakest link!

Secure glass windows and doors, your weakest entry points, with tailored security solutions based on threat levels.

 Our crystal-clear protection ensures you won’t notice it until you need it, providing absolute relief when it matters most!

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The World’s Thinnest Ballistic glass and security products!

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Architectural Ballistic Glass


Armtek’s affordable Ballistic Glass can be customized to your required security level offering protection against various threats wherever secure glass or panel protection is needed. Our ballistic glass is trusted by government, military, banks, places of detention and confinement, and more. 

We have you covered! Our glass solutions are clear, UV protected and are light and strong enough to give superior ballistic protection. Combine with Window Security Film for unmatched security and value.

Armitek UV protected Safety and Security Film is engineered for business, home, school, auto, and more. 

Extensively evaluated by independent testing facilities to exceed industry standards, our films provide superior protection against violence, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, the elements and unforeseen events; typically saving money over ballistic glass, or combining with ballistic glass to provide unmatched protection and value.

From Ballistic Glass to Smash and Grab® Window Security Film, what was cost-prohibitive for consumers and some businesses, is now affordable. With auto theft up over 30%, including items inside vehicles, waiting to secure your occupants and belongings from loss can cost much more than Armitek’s simply cost-effective solutions. 

They offer security during theft, assaults, road rage, accidents, storms, and more. In addition, Armitek’s products work for armored CIT and government vehicles, with bulletproof* panels and glass for vehicles.

In an unpredictable world, ensuring your safety is paramount. Introducing the customizable Armitek Safe Room – where security meets peace of mind for residences, schools, and businesses. 

Our safe rooms are meticulously crafted to be your sanctuary in times of uncertainty, providing an impenetrable fortress within your building or home. Click here for more information on our safe rooms.

Armitek offers comprehensive, cutting edge security solutions. 

If you are in need of security systems, sensors, cameras, alarms…look to Armitek first for your centralized security and safety needs.

Unrivaled Quality ballistic glass

Our bulletproof glass exceeds NIJ and UL (752) standards for ballistic glass and is proudly made in the USA. Our 99.9% UV light filtering architectural and automotive glass stands as the lightest and strongest available.

Highest Quality safety film on the market

Armitek safety film brings you exceptional quality and service. Consult our expert, professional installers for the placement of our window security film and glass. Request a free security analysis and quote today!

Call (800) 910-1035, email, or click here  to find custom, affordable safety solutions. Ask for our free evaluation!

*Bullet resistant or ballistic may be considered more accurate industry terminology than bulletproof.

Discover the Armitek Difference

Armitek proudly offers multiple levels of safety film, glass protection solutions, and other security products made in the United States. We provide world-class installation services for each of our products. Our protective solutions, including safety film, ballistic film and ballistic glass, cater to various sectors, such as Law Enforcement, Governmental Agencies, OEM Manufacturers, Schools, Universities, Health Care Institutions, the Private Sector, etc.

A No-Cost, No-Obligation Security Analysis is a 58-point assessment to evaluate specific areas of vulnerability. Certain terms and conditions apply.

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