ABC News - Oakland Business Seeing Surge in Requests for Armitek Bulletproof Glass

ABC News, on their local Oakland news program, details how a local business owner is seeing a surge in requests for bulletproof glass from Armitek as a result of increased crime in the area. The owner of East Bay Glass Warehouse, who was interviewed, provides their ballistic glass through Armitek.

Over several months, ABC News Oakland has covered several news stories involving stray bullets going into homes. In one story a mother of two was killed as she slept when stray bullets were fired into her home in the Laurel neighborhood. 

Another video is of a man who requests anonymity after a bullet flew into his apartment, moments after he moved in. About a dozen rounds went through a vehicle and home along McArthur Boulevard.

“And it’s just sad, the condition that the community has gone in,” Joshua Pritchard, Owner of East Bay Glass Warehouse.

Oakland High School, and other schools, businesses and office buildings are installing ballistic glass. Pritchard says it’s good for business, but it’s not the kind of business that you are really happy to take on. It’s just sad.

Armitek in Utah mentions also receiving more requests from all around the country. Armitek also discussed Security Film, which is a less expensive option that make it so glass holds together and doesn’t break.

One of the concerns brought up in the story deals with the expense of ballistic glass. Armitek is committed to providing affordable options for homeowners, business owners, schools, churches, vehicle owners, and other organizations and people. 

One way to do that is to provide lighter and thinner options that provide the same level of protection. By utilizing less material in a more effective way, the cost is decreased. 

Especially when the glass can be installed utilizing existing window frames. Our goal is to make ballistic glass and security film affordable for all. Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure in their homes, and in businesses, vehicles, and other places they go and spend significant amounts of time.

Armitek has found that glass is one of the weakest entry points in buildings and vehicles. By installing products that keep windows from shattering, threats and possible threats can be deterred from causing injury and even death. In addition, property can be protected from theft, vandalism, and other safety issues, as detailed in the ABC News report. Armitek provides ballistic glass and security film for vehicles through its company ClearlySAFE Auto.

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