Armorshield bulletproof* Protection
FOR new and existing buildings

Armitek's Armorshield Architectural Ballistic Glass

Armitek manufactures a complete line of ballistic glass products. Whether trying to stop bullets from a 9mm handgun to a .308 rifle, we have you covered. Armitek Architectural Ballistic Glass provides around the clock security against violence, vandalism, robbery, accidents involving broken glass, severe weather, etc. 

Ballistic glass acts as a barrier between you and the threat saving what’s most important to you. Armitek’s ballistic glass is manufactured to the appropriate threat level. 

For certain projects, consider using custom ballistic glass options and Armitek’s advanced ArmorSafe window security film in conjunction with ballistic glass to meet multiple possible threat levels.

Stands up to a Variety of Unforeseen, Life-threatening Situations

Ballistic glass is engineered to protect against a variety of threats based on glass thickness and film amount. Furthermore, it can effectively mitigate the effects of bomb blasts, chemical explosions, vandalism, active shooters, snipers, high-powered winds, storms and a variety of additional life-threatening situations.

At Armitek, we redefine safety and elegance with our cutting-edge Architectural Ballistic Glass solutions. Elevate your space to the pinnacle of security without compromising on style. Our ballistic glass seamlessly integrates into any architectural design, offering a shield of protection against potential threats while maintaining a clear view of the world around you.

Armitek’s Breakthrough in Safety Enhancement:

Armitek has introduced a groundbreaking innovation: slimmer and lighter bullet-resistant glass, aimed at fortifying safety and security against a spectrum of threats encompassing violence, theft, riots, and natural disasters.

Can't shoot in, but CAN shoot out!

Armitek one-way ballistic protection for law enforcement, security and more, can stop incoming bullets while simultaneously allowing shots to fire safely and effectively out the glass toward attackers. This feature has revolutionary safety applications.
architectural security film

Customizable Thickness

Depending on the threat levels you or your organizations face, our architectural ballistic glass can be made at different thicknesses to accommodate the threat level. See below for examples:
Protection levels: UL 752 Standards

Benefits of Armitek Armorshield Architectural Ballistic Glass

Common Applications

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