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Security Assessment by Armitek:
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At Armitek, we recognize that security is a top priority for businesses, schools, places of worship, and residential spaces. Our commitment to your safety extends beyond providing the latest technology in ballistic glass and window security film – we offer a holistic approach through our Free Security Assessment.  By identifying vulnerabilities and suggesting tailored solutions, Armitek ensures that you have a robust defense strategy in place that will keep you safe from the many threats currently in our communities. The free security assessment is valued between $500 and $1,500.

Security Assessment

What does the free security assessment include?

Entry Points Evaluation: Our experts conduct a thorough analysis of potential weak points where unauthorized individuals could conceal themselves. We identify areas susceptible to forced entry and provide recommendations to fortify these vulnerable locations.

Glass Security Inspection: Armitek examines the existing glass structures to evaluate their resistance against impact and forced entry. 

Our assessment includes recommendations on reinforcing existing glass or upgrading glass with affordable ballistic solutions or window security film, to enhance protection based on the needs analysis of the assessment.

This is where Armitek really sets itself apart from any other company. Because we provide the thinnest and lightest ballistic glass on the market, we can assess cost-saving measures with existing windows and doors.

Lock Systems Audit: A critical aspect of security, our experts assess the effectiveness of your current lock systems. We provide recommendations for advanced locking mechanisms to enhance access control and prevent unauthorized entry.

Camera Systems Review: Armitek evaluates the efficiency and coverage of your current camera systems, identifying blind spots and areas lacking surveillance coverage. We offer suggestions for strategically placing cameras and upgrading to advanced systems, if desired, to ensure comprehensive monitoring.

Entryway and Exit Analysis: Our assessment includes a detailed examination of all entry and exit points. We provide recommendations for improving access control, such as implementing keyless entry systems or enhancing door security.

tailored solutions for various settings

Armitek understands that security needs vary across different settings. Our Free Security Assessment is designed to cater to the unique requirements of:

Offices: Safeguard your workplace with tailored security measures, from access control to advanced camera systems.

Facilities: Ensure the security of large facilities with comprehensive solutions, including saferooms and upgraded security systems. If you are interested in saferooms by Armitek, click here!

Open and Closed Campuses: Protect educational institutions with a focus on access control, surveillance, and fortified entry points.

Regulations Compliance: Armitek provides guidance on meeting security regulations for schools, businesses, homes, and places of worship.

Gates and Perimeters: Secure your premises by fortifying gates and perimeters with advanced security measures.

electronic security

Why Choose Armitek?

Our team of seasoned security professionals at Armitek is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and tools to enhance your security infrastructure. By taking advantage of our Free Security Assessment, you’re taking a proactive step towards a safer and more secure environment.

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