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At Armitek, we understand that safeguarding your environment is paramount, and that’s why we’ve crafted advanced Electronic Security systems that provide around-the-clock protection against vandalism, accidents, and unexpected life situations. Our state-of-the-art systems comprise of an array of cutting-edge components, including video surveillance cameras, alarms, magnetic locks, sensors, door alarms, and more.

Armitek Electronic Security provides round the clock security against vandalism, accidents and unforeseen life situations. Armitek’s Electronic system includes video surveillance cameras, alarms, magnetic locks, sensors, door alarms and so much more. If you are interested in saferooms by Armitek, click here!

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Benefits of Armitek Electronic Security

Common Applications

If you work in government buildings, you can ensure the safety and security of your facilities and employees with our comprehensive electronic surveillance.

For hospitals, protect critical healthcare environments and patient well-being with our advanced security solutions.

Schools are currently a number one public concern. Create a secure learning environment for students, teachers, and staff.

Safeguard office buildings and corporate spaces, including sensitive information and valuable assets.

Prevent theft and enhance security of your retail establishment and storefront.

Residential homes and private vehicles can be kept secure with our advanced electronic security.

While security continues to move in a more and more digital and cloud-based direction, which is a clear specialization of Armitek, there are several considerations to different options. Considering electronic security solutions as entirely transitioning to a digital realm, where remote devices connect to globally accessible networks are addressed by Armitek’s solutions. 

Given that, there are also compelling reasons to appreciate the reliability, cost-effectiveness, and reduced expenses inherent in solid-state electronics. These systems operate on robust and secure systems, making them both resilient and less susceptible to unauthorized access. 

No matter what your security needs and wishes, Armitek will work with you to help determine the most secure, meaningful, and cost-effective security to meet your needs.

We make every effort to stay on top of the latest in electronic security so you relax and feel safe and secure.

Electronic Surveillance System deters the effects of

Armitek’s electronic surveillance system is designed to detect and respond promptly to emergencies, ensuring safety of individuals in critical situations.

Discourage malicious activities with our visible and highly effective surveillance measures.

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Quickest Turnaround

Before you wait for someone else to provide your electronic security wants, reach out to us to see if we can meet your needs more quickly. Because we specialize in manufacturing some of the hardest to get supplies and materials for your security project, we have some of lowest turn-around times in the industry. 

Make sure you are not left waiting before it is too late to secure what you need protected. In today’s world of uncertainty, it is crucial to get started right away. We will make every effort to meet your needs and provide industry leading products to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Top Materials, Products, and Service

With nearly 50 years of combined expertise in providing security for businesses, residences, schools, vehicles, and more, Armitek gives you the best electronic security products at the most cost-effective prices. With our extensive network of suppliers; our experienced, expert, and long-term employees, plus our unmatched knowledge of the industry, you will find the top solutions at the best possible prices. 

Trust Armitek’s track-record to help secure your safety and well-being no matter how unsettled the world is around you. It’s comforting to know there is a company you can count on to provide the protection you need in the most effective way possible, customized to your needs. This is too important to  trust to just any company. Go with the leader in the security industry and find out what so many others already know: Armitek is the solution for all your electronic security needs.

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