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When armored vehicles come to mind, many assume they’re exclusive to the military, banks, or diplomats. And while we commonly help clients who run in those circles, armored vehicles for all uses are more and more common, blending seamlessly into everyday life while offering enhanced protection. Customizable to individual needs, these vehicles boast cutting-edge security features, ensuring the safety of your loved ones or property. Protected vehicle options are customizable to meet your individual needs. They can be retrofitted to be as discreet as possible.

In addition, modern bulletproof cars are highly advanced and capable of withstanding formidable attacks, including gunfire and even explosions, while offering affordability for many.

Armored Vehicles

What Can Be Installed to Secure Most Vehicles?

Options include, but are not limited to features such as:

Full Ballistic Glass: High-quality ballistic glass provides exceptional resistance to gunfire and other ballistic threats while maintaining visibility for the driver and passengers. It resists penetration from bullets, rocks, explosions, debris, and more. 

Security Film: Applied to existing windows, security film reinforces the window, making regular glass more resistant to shattering upon impact. Whether combined with ballistic glass, or used on regular glass, it is a formidable barrier.

Armored Panels/Doors: These panels and doors are reinforced with ballistic materials to provide protection against most threats. Many movies erroneously portray vehicle doors as protected from penetration by bullets. Without armored panels, bullets, and other projectiles can easily pass through doors, creating undue danger in the event of an attack or threat.

Inside/Outside/Windshield Cameras: Surveillance cameras offer real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s surroundings, enhancing security and providing valuable evidence in case of an incident.

Bulletproof Compartments: Secure compartments within the vehicle can safely store valuable items or sensitive materials, protecting them from theft or damage.

Wirelessly Transmitted Digital Recording Material: Advanced recording systems capture footage of the vehicle’s interior and exterior, storing it securely and transmitting it wirelessly for remote access.

Independent Lock Systems: Multiple layers of security, including independent lock systems for doors, windows, and compartments, ensure that unauthorized access is prevented.

Satellite Hookup: Satellite communication systems provide reliable connectivity, allowing for emergency communication and tracking, even in remote or hostile environments.

Secure Transfer Boxes: These secure boxes facilitate the transfer of valuable items or documents between locations, minimizing the risk of theft or interception

Who Can Benefit from Civilian Armored Vehicles?

Designed with safety in mind, armored vehicles are essential for anyone prioritizing security. In regions affected by crime, terrorism, or civil unrest, these vehicles are particularly sought after. Notably, they’ve seen significant adoption among high-profile individuals worldwide, from athletes to politicians, providing a level of protection surpassing that of personal bodyguards. Given that, they are also more and more popular with any business dealing with cash and civilians who want to feel more secure.

Considerations Before Purchasing a Civilian Armored Vehicle

Before investing in a street-legal armored vehicle, it’s crucial to understand the available technology and essential features:

Specialized Interior Equipment:

Interior specifications vary among civilian armored vehicles, tailored to individual preferences. Options range from partitioning walls with sliding LED screens to automatic fire extinguishing systems and reinforced leather seats. Some models boast advanced features like night vision displays and road track dispensing systems for added security.

Diverse Models:

A wide array of vehicles can cater to different needs, including:

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