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There is a Reason Security Film for Schools is in High Demand
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"Even with a firearm, an active shooter can be
prevented entry in a school or building with
Armitek's advanced window security film."


Welcome to Armitek, where cutting-edge technology meets safety. Our advanced engineered security film is designed specifically for schools, offering unparalleled protection for your existing windows. This transparent shield can fortify against break-ins, potential active shooters, vandalism, accidents, storms, seismic tremors, and explosions. From glass entry doors to office and classroom windows, Armitek’s invisible safety shield is your ultimate defense.

Areas of Highest Vulnerability

Say goodbye to vulnerabilities and hello to cost-effective security solutions. Our security film transforms your current windows into a reliable barrier against unwanted entry. Traditionally, windows have been the weakest point of entry for buildings, but with Armitek’s window security film, the challenge for intruders is so formidable, that they are more likely to abandon their attempts or be apprehended before breaching the glass. 

Note: For areas where even more security is needed, Armitek offers additional products, such as affordable ballistic glass.

Expert Evaluation

Armitek can provide you with a comprehensive security analysis and expertly evaluate key areas of vulnerability, with recommendations for ultimate protection combined with effective cost saving measures. This ensures you are receiving top security at the most budget-friendly outcomes possible. Choose Armitek and make safety an invisible and powerful part of your environment. 

Window Security Film

Armitek’s product stands resilient against various threats. Even with a firearm, an active shooter can be prevented entry in a school or building with Armitek’s advanced window security film.

Our clear security film, coating and reinforcing your windows, is built to endure substantial force, providing you with valuable time to escape from hazardous situations and gather students and faculty to a secure location, until help arrives. 

Specifically designed for schools, our transparent product is an engineering marvel, strategically crafted to thwart unauthorized access. When the chaos subsides, and everyone remains secure, you’ll be grateful for the decision to install Armitek Security Film for schools on your glass doors and windows.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Keeping children and educators safe is critical to our future well-being. This is one main reason why Armitek is in the business of providing comprehensive security solutions to schools at the most competitive pricing available. Ask about our additional products from Saferooms and Security Devices to Ballistic Panels and more.



top security
and price

Trusted with State Education Contract

Armitek is the proud holder of the State of Utah contract for Security and Safety film, ensuring you receive the most competitive pricing within our state. If you are outside of Utah, we will work with you to provide the best pricing available where you live. Reach out to Armitek today for detailed information on window security film tailored for schools or offices.

How We Keep Your Costs Down

Our one-of-a-kind security film can be installed on existing windows, making replacement of the windows unnecessary in many cases and potentially saving huge amounts in total cost. Also, our distinctive window security film is widely more cost-effective than ballistic glass, while providing proven protection from harm.

For Additional Protection Where You Need It Most

In addition, Armitek specializes in manufacturing a complete line of Ballistic Glass solutions to meet diverse protection requirements. Whether you’re aiming to thwart a 9mm hand-gun or a .308 rifle, our comprehensive solutions have you covered. Ballistic glass serves as a crucial barrier enhancing safety and potentially saving lives. Please feel free to contact us for further details on Security Film for Schools.

Security Film for Schools

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