School Shield Window Security Film

Protecting our most precious assets

School Shield security film

Fortify Your School Against Active Shooters

School safety consistently ranks among the top concerns for American parents.

No parent should have to worry that the last time they’ll see their child alive is in the school drop off line.

Armitek’s School Shield window security film, which is installed over existing glass structures, is engineered by top school security experts. It is impact-resistant, shatter-resistant and splash proof, and it is specifically designed to remain intact under extreme duress.

How It Works

Security film is different from bulletproof glass. While the film is not bulletproof and it will not make your glass bulletproof, it creates a significant barrier to entry for potential bad actors.

When impacted by a firearm round or another weapon, window security film is designed to keep your glass structure from shattering and splashing, ensuring that the glass structure remains standing and preventing a bad actor from gaining access to your school.

When you install security film, you’re installing two things: active shooter deterrence, and time for authorities respond.

A Cost-Effective Solution

For decades, valuable assets have been secured using bulletproof glass. While that is an effective solution for fortifying a structure, it is often cost prohibitive.

For a fraction of the cost, window security film can be implemented over existing glass doors and windows to protect your school against active shooters and other outside threats.

Security film is a cost-effective solution to fortifying your school and protecting life’s most precious assets: our children.

About School Shield Security Film

School Shield was designed to tackle one of America’s most complex issues.

School shootings continue to plague our country, and each day that goes by, our children remain vulnerable to bad actors who could do them harm.

Our agenda is not politically driven, it is reality driven. We have the ability to make our schools safer for our children, we simply must take the initiative to get the job done. School Shield is doing just that.

Our experienced team has successfully installed Armitek’s School Shield window security film at thousands of schools nationwide.

Join the hundreds of school districts nationwide who are fortifying their schools with School Shield Security Film today!

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