Security Alarms Versus Ballistic Glass by Armitek: Which One Will Save Your Life?


Former Police Officer Gives Definitive Answer


Orem, Utah – As a former police officer with eight years of experience, Isaac Askaroth responded to countless alarm calls. However, he noticed a concerning trend – alarms and cameras, while commonly used in homes and businesses, do not effectively prevent crimes from occurring. In fact, they only serve as a reactive measure after a crime has already been committed.

According to Askaroth, “The typical alarm system found in home and business settings does not keep anybody from getting inside. It only makes a call after someone has come in, but there’s far too long of a response time from law enforcement to that alarm.”

Along those same lines, cameras are also most useful after a crime. In light of this, Askaroth is recommending the use of ballistic glass and security film as more proactive and effective solutions protect against crime. According to Michael Wagg at Home Invasion Survival Strategies, you are three and a half times more likely to be murdered during a home invasion than any other crime committed against you, further promoting the strategy of keeping intruders out in the first place.

Furthermore, Askaroth said that with the increasing numbers of false alarms, officers are often delayed even more in responding to genuine emergencies, which can further decrease the effectiveness of alarm systems and camaras.

In contrast, ballistic glass and security film provide a physical barrier between the assailant and the inside of the building. These materials are designed to withstand high levels of force and can stop a potential intruder. This added layer of protection not only increases the safety of the property and it occupants, but it also reduces the burden on law enforcement by preventing the loss of life or valuables from occurring in the first place.

At Armitek, our ballistic glass is more cost-effective than other products and our security film is a lower cost alternative to ballistic glass, making this type of protection available to more people than ever. While security film may not have the same ballistic properties as bullet-resistant glass, it can stop a shooter from passing through a glass window or door by holding the glass fast together and denying entrance, offering a barrier to the occupants from the shooter and buying valuable time.

Officer Askaroth’s recommendation comes at a time when crime rates are on the rise and the need for effective security measures is more crucial than ever. As a former member of the law enforcement community, he understands the importance of proactive measures in preventing crime and protecting the public. By installing ballistic glass and security film, individuals and businesses can take a proactive approach to their safety and security.

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