The No-Fail Way That Can Save Your Life

Today, I went to a restaurant for lunch. I noticed a hole in the window where I sat. The employee said someone shot through the glass. Suddenly, I felt less safe and moved to another part of the restaurant.

When I left the restaurant and got in my car, the news radio was talking about New York City putting National Guard soldiers in the subways because of crime. I thought about when I travelled to New York and wondered when I would feel safe enough to return.

I returned to work, opened a browser. saw a story about two men yesterday who broke a homes’ window, entered with a shotgun and machete, and demanded money from the occupants living in Salt Lake City, near where my son lives. Allegedly, the men were high on meth. Suddenly, I felt a desire to text my son and make sure he was okay.

What is going on out there? I just realized I used to live in a bubble. Threats and crimes like this only happen to other people, not me or the people I care about. That is a luxury I can no longer afford to take.

Then I thought about what drives my passion in working for Armitek, where we manufacture and install ballistic (aka bulletproof) glass and security film for businesses, homes, schools, vehicles, and almost any other place you find glass that can save your life.

Glass is the weakest point of entry for crimes and threats, and we help protect that glass from breaking apart and allowing easy passage. We can strengthen glass to where it becomes one of the strongest deterrents to anything getting in that you really do not want there. And it’s crystal clear!

That can include criminals, bullets, shells, machetes, bats, explosions, weather-related threats, vandals, rioters, and more.

What most people do not know is how affordable it can be for them to protect themselves. In fact, this can save your life!

We already have customers with locations attacked and protected by Armitek products, customers who installed our products after a crime who want to be safer now, and customers who installed our products and now feel a great deal more safe and secure in case something happens.

What is preferable 1) the group that protects themselves before a threat? 2) the group that protects themselves after a threat? Or, 3) the group that may choose not to protect themselves, saying, “This will never happen to me?” —Shawn Cavalli.

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