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Elevate your security with advanced Home Security Film for anywhere you might live.

At Armitek, we understand that your home or apartment is more than just a place–it’s a sanctuary for your loved ones and cherished belongings. That’s why we’ve developed cutting-edge residential security film for windows, designed to fortify against unforeseen threats.


why armitek Home security film?

Ballistic Glass In Your Home
Stop Intruders Where They Stand with HomeSafe Security Film
1. Invisible Armor: Armitek’s advanced technology provides a virtually invisible layer of protection for your windows. Enjoy enhanced security without compromising your home’s aesthetic appeal.

2. Deterrence by Design: Our window security film acts as a powerful deterrent to potential intruders. Its presence sends a clear message-your home or apartment is fortified, and trespassers are not welcome.

3. Impact Resistance: Armitek’s residential security film for windows is engineered to withstand impact, whether from attempted break-ins, accidents, or extreme weather conditions. Protect yourself and your family from unexpected events with confidence.

4. UV Defense: Safeguard your interiors from harmful UV rays without sacrificing natural light. Armitek’s window security film offers enhanced UV protection, preserving your furnishings and maintaining a comfortable living environment.

5. Expert, Professional Installation, Lasting Results: Our installation ensures a seamless fit, and the durability of Armitek’s window security film means long-lasting protection.

For an even more protection, check out our home ballistic glass for windows and doors.

bulletproof glass for
Glass is Your Home's Weakest Entry Point. Secure it Today!

Beyond Security: Peace of Mind

 Armitek is not just a solution; it’s peace of mind. Feel secure in your haven, knowing that your loved ones and possessions are shielded by the latest advancements in residential security technology.
Armitek HomeSafe Security Film Offers Protection from Potentially Violent Storms
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